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  1. Having the right tools in your toolbelt is a fundamental part of being a successful digital marketer. In fact, it’s almost impossible for digital marketers nowadays to perform their daily tasks without the assistance of these tools; tools that help automate processes and save precious time and money, ensuring a good return on marketing investment. From email marketing and CRM tools to analytics and project management, there are quite a few tools to choose from when forming your own martech stack this year.
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  2. Collecting data on your customers serves no real purpose unless it is used to take meaningful action.

    Big data is big, and it’s only getting bigger and more complex. Companies are collecting customer information across channels, including text, voice call, online and chat. As customers find new ways to communicate with their companies of choice, the amount of data will continue to grow. Collecting that information is a great start, but the bigger question is whether companies are actually doing anything with it.
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  3. Businesses know data is crucial when making decisions, but where do you draw your data from? According to new research from Calabrio, businesses are too fixated on a single data point, essentially missing the bigger picture.

    These findings are published in a whitepaper entitled Business Transformation and Analytics: Driving Change in a Customer-Centric World, and are based on a poll of more than 1,000 c-level business execs in the UK and the US.
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  4. Marketing directors can’t make decisions in a vacuum. They need information about their customers, their channels and all the touchpoints that help them to connect with each other. How can they deliver what the customer wants unless they can see through the customer’s lens?
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  5. As the influence of social media continues to proliferate, so does the volume of online consumer insights available to companies.

    The ability to successfully filter, capture and analyze actionable data is extremely lucrative for data-driven organizations. According to a 2017 McKinsey study, organizations that leverage consumer behaviorial insights outperform their competitors by 85 percent in terms of sales growth and by more than 25 percent in total profits.
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  6. In a special presentation and panel discussion, you’ll get an update on how user-generated content and other Voice of the Customer (VOC) dynamics are changing the way grocery shoppers prepare for their trips and make in-store choices. Further, you’ll learn how marketers can monitor these interactions and leverage VOC analytics to positively influence shopper decision-making before and during store visits.
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  7. At 99 articles, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a daunting piece of legislation. Fortunately, it had the foresight to assign itself an administrator.

    Enter the data protection officer (DPO). If you haven’t heard of this new role, you will soon.
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  8. We start 2018 facing an experience gap – that’s to say a gap between what customers need from their experiences with brands and organisations and the quality of the experience that they actually receive. Improvement of customer experiences stalled from 2016 to 2017 in many markets. Despite talk, action and investment in VOC & CEM programmes, few companies are making any headway in responding to customers’ journey needs and experiences for customer have become ‘average’ at best.
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  9. Collecting and analysing in-app feedback can be very straightforward – provided that you have the right tools and methodology in place to do so. In a previous article, we outlined several reasons why collecting in-app feedback is important for the mobile user experience. The next step is to demonstrate how this feedback can be collected. There are three options to choose from when it comes to collecting feedback in-app – all of which offer their own advantages and drawbacks. These methods include: Webviews, SDKs and APIs.
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  10. B2B mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are unlikely to slow down in 2018.

    Deloitte estimates that M&A activity will accelerate in 2018, in part driven by new M&A technology and tools.

    Low economic growth also pushes B2B leaders to rely on M&A as a central part of their growth strategies.

    But it remains to be seen whether these deals will be as successful as leaders hope.

    Many factors can improve M&A performance, but one critical factor is often overlooked: customers.
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