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  1. We have the technology to listen to customers, but we're still not getting customer experience right. According to the State of Customer Experience 2017 report from business process services company Conduent, brands fail to provide 80 percent of customers with first-step resolutions. Further, 75 percent don’t provide enough support to encourage successful self-help.
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  2. At Mopinion, we are proud to announce the release of a new mobile feedback SDK for companies collecting customer feedback in iOS and Android apps. This innovative solution will continue to provide marketers with an easy way of gathering powerful feedback within their native apps, only now with more customisation options, a wider range of targeting features based on in-app user behaviour and more advanced analysis capabilities.

    Developed in response to an increasing demand from the market, this new SDK provides mobile developers and mobile product managers with a flexible and easy-to-install solution for in-app feedback.
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  3. Recruitee is a cloud-based ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that streamlines the recruitment process. In order for us to successfully save our users’ time and effort during hiring, we have to listen to their feedback! While we have a firm grasp on how to best execute recruitment software in order to produce results, there may be a feature every once in a while that could be improved for the vast majority of users. It helps tremendously to receive feedback on feature requests, bugs, or other comments, because we are constantly updating and improving the software to be the best it can be and allow our users to make the best hires possible.
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  4. Contributor Evan Magliocca outlines three key areas where consumer expectations of retail are evolving rapidly.

    Customer expectations are changing drastically. With every new medium, technology or innovation, they already expect the next level of service.
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  5. The demand for this software in the market is increasing substantially due to the growing awareness among individuals regarding the latest technological advancements and innovations.

    The examination report, titled Sentiment Analysis Software Market offers an unmistakable comprehension of the subject matter. Continuous technological advancements and the tenacious entrance of Internet in the remote corners of the world are additionally in charge of the noteworthy growth of the market.
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  6. Insurance companies have pushed past an initial reticence to engage with insurtech companies, but need to remain focused on the customer as they enter more partnerships and test more offerings.

    That’s according to speakers on a panel, Investing in Insurtech 2.0, held at the Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator’s Fusion event in San Francisco, on March 27.
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  7. The increasing and widespread adoption of voice technology is already beginning to establish its place as a major factor in travel.

    A truly intelligent voice technology platform would enable fluid, human-like conversations. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology would support complex exchanges, detect nuances in speech patterns and tone and remember details from earlier conversations.
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  8. The digital age has brought with it a horde of data. And coming from various sources and in large quantities, the availability of this data has created many new and insightful opportunities for digital marketers. Modern digital marketers are using data in a myriad of ways, such as gauging success (with Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs), driving improvement (e.g. campaign effectiveness or website usability) and boosting lead generation. However, this heavy reliance on intelligent marketing data necessitates an analysis solution, which comes in the form of dashboarding software.

    In this article, we will outline the various benefits of KPI dashboarding software as well as list the top software available for digital marketing managers.
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  9. IBM has been an industry leader in pursuing great design for decades: the company’s trailblazing CEO Thomas Watson Jr., famously declared that “good design is good business,” and today, IBM employees some 1600 designers in 20 countries around the world. Now IBM is extending the full depth of its design philosophy to its clients, design general manager Phil Gilbert announced at the Fortune, Time, and Wallpaper* Brainstorm Design conference in Singapore on Wednesday.
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  10. This is the final article of the 6-part series focusing on how CEOs adjust to their disruptive business environments and what they learned from their efforts that might be helpful to other CEOs. To answer these questions, we interviewed six CEOs/Chairman/Presidents from a variety of industries: Joe DePinto (CEO, 7-Eleven); Mike Fucci (Chairman, Deloitte); Tony Guzzi (CEO, EMCOR), Margaret Keane (President and CEO, Synchrony Financial), Bob Leduc (President, Pratt & Whitney), and Bob Weidner (President and CEO, MSCI). We also interviewed General Dennis Reimer, who led the Army through a major transformation during the period when the Army created the term “VUCA.” We asked each of the leaders to describe their business environment and discuss how they are leading their companies to thrive in the face of massive disruptions. We are grateful to these leaders for their thoughtfulness and candor. We found their stories fascinating and relevant and hope you have as well.
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