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  1. Customer experience (CX) efforts remain inconsistent in many organizations, but there are signs of greater commitment and execution for 2020, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner’s 2019 Customer Experience Management Survey revealed that more than two-thirds of CX leaders expect budget increases in 2020.
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  2. There’s no denying that the focus on delivering great customer experiences (CX) has increased globally over the past few years. What once was a luxury that only a few companies had the resources to invest in (think Amazon and Netflix), has now become a staple on the CEO agenda.

    In an extremely competitive world where customers demand a personalized experience, really knowing and understanding your customers is so crucial. But how do you do it well? This is where a lot of companies take a wrong turn.
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  3. The Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a research technique that maps out the detailed wishes and needs of your customers. In short, you listen to what your customers have to say about a product or service.
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  4. Voice of the customer (VOC) initiatives have gone mainstream. Unfortunately, too many companies doom their VOC programs from the start.

    The problem isn't that brands aren’t collecting feedback. In fact, companies are gathering more feedback from customers and visitors than ever before.
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  5. B2B mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are unlikely to slow down in 2018.

    Deloitte estimates that M&A activity will accelerate in 2018, in part driven by new M&A technology and tools.

    Low economic growth also pushes B2B leaders to rely on M&A as a central part of their growth strategies.

    But it remains to be seen whether these deals will be as successful as leaders hope.

    Many factors can improve M&A performance, but one critical factor is often overlooked: customers.
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  6. Only 15% of voice of customer (VoC) programs are considered “very successful” by their managers, according to the Temkin Group’s State of Voice of Customer Programs 2016 report. What’s broken?
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  7. Customer Experience monitoring is nothing new, but the ways and depth by which we can scrutinise it are evolving faster than ever before. A few years ago the focus was on the digital revolution in customer service and finding the best ways of providing online services (often replacing traditional human-to-human based interactions). Now though, customers expect online services as a key channel, so the digital marketer’s role has become even more vital.
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