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  1. Welcome to a new decade. Search behavior continues to shape the way businesses operate in the digital world. And Google continues to influence search behavior. As I talked with my colleagues and researched trends for 2020, it became clear that for all the controversy surrounding Google’s growth – for all the buzz surrounding threats to Google, including the rise of Amazon – Google just keeps finding ways to become more dominant.
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  2. A customer is one of the most important aspects of a business. If a business is able to delight customers by providing excellent customer service, then it will boost customer retention and business growth.

    According to the report, “A Survey of Customer Service from Mid-Size Companies” by Dimensional Research, 52 percent of customers who have experienced positive customer service said that they purchased more from the company.
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  3. Many businesses today are tasked with a common issue, making a connection with Gen Z. This new generation of consumers is unique to other age groups as they have been born into the era of technology and the 24/7 economy. In 2020, Gen Z will make up 40 percent of U.S. consumers, so many businesses need to be prepared to capitalise on this rising market segment. After all, they currently have the buying power of $143 billion.
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  4. Responding quickly is a critical business driver. This requires data centers live on the edge to deliver real-time data for an enhanced customer experience.

    Consumers expect instantaneous information and services from the companies they interact with. IDC estimates that the average person will interact with connected devices approximately 4,800 times a day by 2025, and while these interactions yield valuable user information that enable companies to personalize their customer service, the amount of data creates major challenges for data centers.
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  5. Though 80% of senior decision makers in the UK rate their customer service as ‘excellent’, their customers aren’t feeling quite the same. Our report ‘The Good, The Bot and The Customer Experience’ found there is a significant disconnect between what customers expect and what brands think they are delivering.

    In fact, a whopping 91% of UK consumers say they have been left feeling frustrated by the customer service they receive, with top grievances including being left on hold too long and needing to repeat their issue multiple times.
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  6. The travel, tourism, leisure, and hospitality (TTLH) industry has long been the poster child of great customer service (CS). But with its agile and strategic response to the disruption and innovation caused by digital transformation, it is also setting the benchmark for customer experience (CX) Explore how hospitality marketing has embraced the digital customer journey and what digital marketers committed to delivering the best CX - virtual or otherwise – across industries can learn from it.
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  7. For the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing some memories from my past running a call center and some of the ways in which I have observed customer service has changed. The first installment touched on how customer service was considered a necessary evil of doing business in the past. Last week, I explored how measuring the performance of customer service has evolved. The theme throughout each of these was that if your customer service was still mired in some of these past practices and conceptions, you’re doing it wrong.
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  8. Last week, I shared how early on in my career I managed a technical support and customer service center and service was considered a cost center and a necessary evil. How times have changed, and how far most companies have come in changing that perception!

    Continuing in that vein, this week I will share our different approach to measuring customer service at that time, and how there are better means of gauging various aspects of service today. (Note: I’m limiting this to live interactions because my time running a service center only saw the beginnings of self-service.)

    I’m going to organize this around points in the typical customer service process:
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  9. According to Accenture’s just-released Digital Consumer Survey, sales of home-based intelligent assistants such as Amazon Echo of Google Home grew more than 50% in every one of the 21 different countries the company surveyed. And according to a new research from Adobe Digital Insights (ADI), voice-assistant sales grew 103% year over year in the fourth quarter of 2017. Adobe also found that 22% of voice assistant owners said that they shop using voice commands.
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  10. 2017 was a record year for hacks of personal customer details. These breaches give fraudsters access to our identities including the answers to those annoying security questions. One thing the fraudsters can’t do much with? Voice data. And that is why banks and telcos are increasingly replacing security questions with biometrics.
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