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  1. There is an entire world of customer success that has blown up in the past few years. These ideas have existed for a while, but not to the extent that they do now. The change has come from their increasing level of importance. In a world where software review sites are growing, products are becoming more accountable. The value of keeping customers happy has extended beyond signed contracts. Unhappy customers can give your service a negative review and spread the word, which can be detrimental. In order to make sure that customers are happy, you have to ask the right questions and keep track of the answers.
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  2. There’s a reason why Yelp’s influence can make or break a restaurant in a matter of just a few reviews -- customer service is the be-all and end-all of good business. Customers are the backbone of every business and while acquiring them is difficult, retaining them can be even trickier.

    If a business is having to constantly find new customers, it’s going to struggle to create any long-lasting growth. Meanwhile, if another business can keep its customers happy, those customers will refer the business to new customers.
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  3. Regardless of the shape, size or industry of a business, the endgame is, and should always be, the customer. Whether that be a direct consumer, another business or the wider community – they’re what keeps the business ticking.

    As a company dedicated to getting Aussie’s the best bang for their buck, we’ve focused on keeping an ear to the ground to seek out feedback from our customers.

    Here are three ways your business can thrive by keeping a constant loop of customer feedback...
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  4. Companies are often so focused on front-line touchpoints with customers that they ignore the impact an incorrect bill, a late order or claim can have on customer satisfaction. Here are some tips for making sure “backstage” employees are part of your CX program, too.
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  5. Topping customer satisfaction lists all year long, T-Mobile takes the top spot among full-service providers and MetroPCS scores 20 points above average in non-contract full-service segment in recent study
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  6. 2017 was a record year for hacks of personal customer details. These breaches give fraudsters access to our identities including the answers to those annoying security questions. One thing the fraudsters can’t do much with? Voice data. And that is why banks and telcos are increasingly replacing security questions with biometrics.
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  7. Customer loyalty is critical to the survival of any business. If your customers suddenly find good reasons to start visiting your competitors, maybe it was because they weren’t satisfied with your product, or the type of service they received while with you. None of them ever told you about any problems they were having, they just stopped coming.
    If that sounds strange, then consider the following statistics –
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  8. Undeniably, exceptional customer experience correlates with growth. The previous statement is very important for start-ups because it allows for customer-driven scalability. Most start-ups, however, neglect the customer experience and only focus on the product.

    Your overall success depends on your ability to bring in new customers while keeping already existing customers satisfied. This is why as a start-up you need to shift your attention on customer experience. Customers don’t really care about the product. They care about the value they get out of using your product.

    Here is what you need to do as a start-up, for customer experience to deliver on the results it promises
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  9. Why you should be collecting customer feedback?

    If you would like to see your business grow and prosper, customer satisfaction is not only important but also necessary. Understanding how customers view your products, services and company is invaluable. It is only after you understand their point of view that you know your strengths and weaknesses.
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