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  1. For every retailer, creating loyal customers must be a main focus, resulting in improved brand awareness and ultimately, a better bottom line. Marketing automation makes creating lasting customer loyalty much easier. Customers now expect relevant and personalized brand interactions every single time, and marketing automation makes this much easier. This article will show you how.
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  2. The digital transformation is upon us: a movement that is drastically reshaping the way organisations operate and how they deliver value to their customers. So what does this mean for organisations that still operate in a traditional manner? What kinds of hurdles will these organisations face and how can they adapt? Let’s take a look....
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  3. According to Accenture’s just-released Digital Consumer Survey, sales of home-based intelligent assistants such as Amazon Echo of Google Home grew more than 50% in every one of the 21 different countries the company surveyed. And according to a new research from Adobe Digital Insights (ADI), voice-assistant sales grew 103% year over year in the fourth quarter of 2017. Adobe also found that 22% of voice assistant owners said that they shop using voice commands.
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  4. Are you struggling with customer retention? Maybe looking for a way to improve customer loyalty?

    Establishing a good relationship with customers can be difficult, especially for car dealers, when generalizations and stereotypes tell customers to be leery of anything you say.

    Here are 10 ways you can reverse these stereotypes and strengthen your relationship with customers.
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  5. Within convenience and fuel retail, ensuring customers are catered to is crucial for survival. But how can a convenience or fuel retailer implement a successful customer-first digital commerce strategy? Learning more about the current landscape can help operators get a better perspective on how to overcome challenges related to customer loyalty.
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  6. Customer loyalty is still looked upon as a holy grail in customer relationship management and marketing. We want loyal customers as they don’t just have a strong connection with our company and buy more, sometimes even willing to pay a premium, but also because they are prone to become true brand advocates.
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  7. In many conferences in 2017, the buzz has all been around the customer experience, customer journeys or customer engagement. These topics come up in almost every presentation in a banking, hospitality, marketing or retail conference. However, there was little linkage between these “buzz” topics with loyalty nor branding. There is a correlation between the customer experience and how that impacts loyalty and an organisation’s brand. How does a brand inspire loyalty and how does the customer experience elevate a brand?
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  8. The New Customer-Driven Economy

    We are witnessing an amazing acceleration of new products, services, and delivery methods. Many companies and even entire industries have been radically affected (think Department Stores, RIM Blackberry, Kodak, Blockbuster, and many others). There are new rules, principles, and ways of working for success in the customer-driven economy.
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