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  1. The Embed team was easily visible at IAAPA Expo 2019, thanks to the large white balloon that floated above the two-storey booth on the trade show floor. During the event, Renee Welsh, Chief Executive Officer, Andy Welsh, Chief Technology Officer and Sara Paz, Chief Marketing Officer took some time out to talk to Blooloop about the company’s new marketing strategy, as well as their latest innovations and the importance of the customer experience.
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  2. There has been enough written about startups and reasons why almost all of them fail. So, why write another post about this? Even though there is no dearth of resources (blogs, videos, books, stories, etc) on reasons why startups fail and how to avoid them, I don’t see any reduction in the failure rates of startups; I don’t see them learning from the mistakes of other failed startups; I don’t see them focus on the right things that can help them avoid failure.

    It is crucial that we understand that building a startup is not like a chemical reaction à add the right resources, under the right environment and you are certain of the results you will get. Starting and running a startup is a complex system with too many moving parts and any change in any of them could trigger a flow of events that could end in a catastrophe for the startup. Given this understanding, there are still some things that the startup founders could control, things that can significantly improve the probability of success.
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  3. In the world of constant disruptive changes and rapidly amplifying market needs, innovation is the differentiator. It is the capability to do things differently, caters to ever-increasing customer expectations, and transform ideas into reality.

    Which is why innovation is the ‘strategic vision du jour’ of many ambitious organizations today.
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  4. As 2018 fades to a close, Retail Customer Experience reached out to industry watchers, customer experience experts and those in the know—in the trenches of customer experience technology, advancements and innovation—and asked them to share what they expect to come into play in 2019.

    Here's what they had to say:
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  5. Netflix has long been known to use algorithms to predict what you may want to watch based on what you have viewed in the past. It now also customizes the artwork shown for each recommendation, based on the customer’s most-watched genres. Netflix is one of many companies focusing on personalization as potential profit. This personalization allows CIOs to directly engage with the customers they are trying to sell to; this direct interaction allows for new opportunities to innovate.

    A simplistic approach is to directly engage customers in the innovation process in order to understand their demands and increase the likelihood of success. The more complex answer is to create a comprehensive approach, differentiate customers and limit direct engagement to ensure accuracy without becoming intrusive. This can be accomplished using personalization, crowdsourcing and listening to the voice of the customer.
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  6. As marketers, we can be too quick to chase innovation for innovation’s sake. Shiny, new digital platforms that have a lot of buzz about them can tempt brands in but too often they don’t deliver on the promise and become white elephants.

    At Just Eat, our vision is to create the world’s greatest food community. In essence, connecting customers with the restaurants (and the food) they want around the world.

    Our diverse restaurant partners, be they a local curry house, an up-and-coming cafe in Manchester or a national brand, such as KFC, are our lifeblood. Everything we do is focused on delivering on that partnership. From a marketing perspective this means we need to continually find ways to connect our customers with our restaurant partners through whatever platform the consumer wants to find them.
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  7. As a member of the online retailer, The Iconic’s executive team, Anna Lee, is at the forefront driving strategic growth plans and leading over 200 people in her role as the firm’s chief operating officer. Lee recently spoke to Which-50 about successful approaches she has led that allowed her firm to innovate, and how best to employ emerging technologies.

    Lee said there are a vast array of innovative technologies available but at The Iconic their focus is on innovating to cater to the fundamental needs of their customer.

    “At the heart of innovation is doing something you are already doing either differently or better. It’s all about changing your mindset to approach something more imaginatively and effectively,” Lee said.

    “We like to test and learn, before rolling out new methods and features. As a business, we innovate by continually testing new updates to create the best shopping experience for our customers – from our Snap-to-Shop feature, which allows customers to image-search for similar items, to our one-hour delivery trial to new supply chain processes.”
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  8. Like always, Mopinion is committed to providing the best possible feedback analytics solution out there. This means our team must work continuously to improve and make meaningful changes to our platform, which is made possible thanks to feedback provided by our customers. Having said that, we are really excited to announce the launch of several new features and updates, important security updates and other visual enhancements!
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  9. At Mopinion, we are proud to announce the release of a new mobile feedback SDK for companies collecting customer feedback in iOS and Android apps. This innovative solution will continue to provide marketers with an easy way of gathering powerful feedback within their native apps, only now with more customisation options, a wider range of targeting features based on in-app user behaviour and more advanced analysis capabilities.

    Developed in response to an increasing demand from the market, this new SDK provides mobile developers and mobile product managers with a flexible and easy-to-install solution for in-app feedback.
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  10. Contributor Evan Magliocca outlines three key areas where consumer expectations of retail are evolving rapidly.

    Customer expectations are changing drastically. With every new medium, technology or innovation, they already expect the next level of service.
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