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  1. A relentless focus on the customer is not just an important strategy, it is mission-critical for companies to survive in today's retail climate. When it comes to delivering the best customer experience, it is what is on the inside that counts: the retailer's people and its company culture. So, how is a customer-centric company culture built? Experts agree that a customer-driven culture results organically when employees individually and collectively prioritize customer needs above all else. Ultimately, being customer-centric requires a work environment where employees fully embrace the core values of empathy and servant leadership.

    Recently, McKinsey & Co. studied the relationship between customer centricity and revenue growth. They concluded customer impact — the empathy to recognize and act upon the needs of customers — led all leadership competencies. Not only that, but the degree of customer impact also correlated with respondent company revenue growth. While the customer may not always be right, they are certainly always valued in high performing organizations.
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  2. With rising customer expectations, the need to deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX) is at an all-time high. And frankly, the best way to achieve this superior level of CX is to visualise it – which is often done using a process called customer journey mapping. A customer journey map essentially tells the story of the customer’s experience – which starts at the initial point of contact all the way through to a long-term relationship – giving us critical information about key interactions along the way. For this process to be a successful one and because it can be quite complex, many business seek the assistance of customer journey mapping tools.
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  3. There is no questioning it; we are living in the age of the customer. Superior Customer Experience Management in 2019 is widely recognized as one of the most important and defining competitive advantages.

    With the amplitude of information and options at their fingertips, customers now hold most of the power. This is why the Customer Experience (CX) has become a top attribute on which brands compete, and the need to conduct a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program has never been greater.
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  4. Does Customer Experience matter more for B2C companies (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business)? The answer is they both matter equally. The reason is because people buy from people. B2B buyers are behaving like consumers more than ever before. Though CX methodologies differ, the principles and best practices are similar and it’s important to apply them to B2B and to B2C.
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  5. Great customer experience in today’s business landscape begins with understanding what customers expect and demand from interactions with your brand. Taking a customer-centric mindset to CX means first listening to what customers have to say and then acting on their preferences and aversions. The voice of the customer (or VOC) consists of three distinct types of customer feedback: direct, inferred, and third-party.
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  6. The chief customer officer serves in many capacities, some of which include overseeing customer experience, sales, and service and support contacts, as well as unifying customer contact.

    As the internet continues to shatter traditional business models, customer-centric initiatives become more important to businesses. The C-suite is bursting with new positions and officers to accommodate these; the chief customer officer role is one of the newest.
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  7. Customer experience (CX) is not only a major priority, but also a game changer for businesses. To craft customer-centric business policies and meet customer needs, marketers first need to understand, what is customer experience? Let’s start with the basics.

    Gen-Z is more aware, needs instant service and has rising expectations, and Millennials and Baby Boomers have their own unique needs. In this high-pressure situation, businesses need to be meticulous with their CX strategy. We have put together a comprehensive A-Z customer experience guide to help you optimize your business strategies.
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  8. Customer experience could be proudly named one of the buzz-words of 2018. With high certainty, it is going to stay here. Whether you’re working in business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) company, you should start paying attention to the way you create customer experience immediately, if you haven’t done so yet.

    At least 80% of B2B buyers now expect the same buying experience as B2C customers. After all, the business people you’re dealing with at work are the same who are ordering goods from Amazon in their free time. B2C customer experiences have set the tone of CX transformation. All the people, who receive advanced personalized customer treatment, come to work and... very often experience the same old "traditional" system. Instead of an online catalog, they have to download a pdf or even order a paper brochure. Instead of usual "order in three clicks", they have to call. Does it sound familiar?
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  9. "Today’s interview is with Nienke Bloom, customer experience speaker, advisor and co-founder of The Customer Experience Game. Nienke joins me today to talk customer experience, The Customer Experience Game, why play is so important in business and how and why we should put more play and fun into everything we do."
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  10. While businesses across industries and verticals are making efforts to improve their overall customer experience (CX), the term “customer experience” is often misinterpreted or vaguely understood. The SmarterCX team hit the streets to find out just how many people are or are not familiar with the term “CX” — so if you think you’re the only one who’s not 100% sure, this may put your mind at ease.
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