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  1. Forrester predicts that this year alone, 20% of brands will give up on customer experience strategies and resort to price reduction to drive sales. An even more alarming amount of those surveyed, 89%, reported return on investment for customer experience isn't well established in their companies.

    As retailers, you know customer experience is the name of the game. So where does CX need to go from here to be successful enough to avoid a price drop?
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  2. Most people can name a negative experience they've had with a brand, and along with it usually comes a declaration of why they will never return to that company. According to the ACSI's latest Retail Report, shoppers are often unhappy with the customer service they receive, referring to it as "lackluster" and "underwhelming."
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  3. By 2025, it is predicted that AI will power 95% of customer interactions. But what does this mean for the client experience industry?

    AI technology will likely influence the client journey. While we have already seen iterations of AI in client experiences at work, like automated chatbots and content personalization, but there is still more to come. Read on to learn about three ways that AI will change the future of client experience.
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  4. As 2020 rolls around, many organizations are figuring out their Customer Experience (CX) strategy. Even with the elevated buzz around CX in the past few years, many brands still struggle to deliver an experience that brings the desired outcomes such as customer loyalty, satisfaction, and increased bottom line. It is important to really think carefully about your 2020 CX strategy, as no one wants to remain stagnant for another year!
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  5. The Embed team was easily visible at IAAPA Expo 2019, thanks to the large white balloon that floated above the two-storey booth on the trade show floor. During the event, Renee Welsh, Chief Executive Officer, Andy Welsh, Chief Technology Officer and Sara Paz, Chief Marketing Officer took some time out to talk to Blooloop about the company’s new marketing strategy, as well as their latest innovations and the importance of the customer experience.
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  6. There’s no denying that the focus on delivering great customer experiences (CX) has increased globally over the past few years. What once was a luxury that only a few companies had the resources to invest in (think Amazon and Netflix), has now become a staple on the CEO agenda.

    In an extremely competitive world where customers demand a personalized experience, really knowing and understanding your customers is so crucial. But how do you do it well? This is where a lot of companies take a wrong turn.
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  7. Alexa, Siri, Google Voice Assistant. These have become household names, and indeed are members of many households, helping us with information, entertainment and even shopping. All four of these, as well as others under development, are platforms that seek to provide the answers to the questions their users are asking — all their questions.

    But like humans, there are some things that these AI-based voice assistants do better than others. Ask Alexa to tell you a joke, and she'll dig deep into her archives to tickle your funny bone. Ask Siri where the best Mexican food in the neighborhood is and he'll come back with a list that will run the gamut of south of the border regional cuisine, from Bajas to Veracruz.
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  8. In short, both the customer initially and ultimately the CSM’s own company as well are beneficiaries of customer success management. These two beneficiaries could be looked on as being direct and indirect beneficiaries respectively, in the sense that the majority of what the CSM actually does is directly related to benefitting the customer’s organization through the processes of understanding and planning for and then actually undergoing the onboarding and adoption of and the value realization from whatever products and services they have purchased from the CSM’s company. In this way, the customer gains direct benefits from this action.
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  9. Customer expectations have changed. We now live in an experience economy where every customer values and expects high-touch, high-quality experiences with brands. With the rise of the cloud and subscription models, customers no longer buy software once and maintain it forever; instead, they evaluate each vendor every year and decide whether they’re providing value. They crave a relationship with brands at every step, innovation, and regular product updates, and an outlet to share feedback on changes they’d like to see.
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  10. Halloween is almost here. The skies are growing darker. Leaves are covering the sidewalks. Pumpkins are sprouting up on nearly every front porch. And shops are dressing up their front windows with decorations of spiders, skeletons and scary masks! One thing is for sure, here in the Netherlands Halloween is definitely gaining ground. But while all the scaring and getting scared continues to become more popular and celebrated, this theme isn’t exactly something you want reflected in your business. In this article, we’ll provide you with 5 tips that will help you avoid scaring off your customers with feedback forms!
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