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  1. Each year, HGS publishes a list of top customer experience (CX) trends—an on-the-ground forecast of what consumers are demanding in terms of their customer service experiences, and what brands have to deliver in order to stay competitive in the new year. HGS is honored to build this list in partnership with an elite group of industry thought leaders for this year's predictions.
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  2. Businesses want to see improvement at the end of the year. Combine your skill with the best sales and marketing tools to help your business achieve its desired goals in 2020. Here is a list of effective marketing and sales tools that shall work as an extra pair of hands for you.
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  3. It’s a new decade and while digital CX continues to maintain its status as a key differentiator, technologies are advancing at an ever brisker pace and organisations are becoming more proactive in their CX efforts.

    From the adoption of an agile approach and a narrowed focus on customer transparency and data compliance to the rise of hyper-personalisation, here are the top Digital Customer Experience (CX) trends to look out for in 2020.
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  4. With e-commerce growing almost four times faster than in-store retail and set to account for half of all sales made by 2021, retailers must deliver a personalised, seamless and accessible experience, or customers will migrate to another brand. As customer expectations are changing, your customer experience (CX) has to evolve alongside those changes.
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  5. Customer behaviors and expectations evolve quickly. To differentiate themselves, companies have to continuously adapt their strategy. The need to provide outstanding customer service has never been greater than now – customers used more digital channels than ever before and expect seamless journeys through their transactions, even when switching between those channels.

    So, how do you stay ahead of the competition in 2020? What are the new expectations of customers? Here is our take on the essential trends to consider in 2020.
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  6. Clarabridge is a US based company and one of the prominent player in sentiment analytics market. It offers numerous analytics services. The company states that sentiment analytics has been used in text analytics form by enterprises from past several years. The company provides solutions that deliver customer insights, associated to product and service features if projected correctly. This detailed, explanatory analysis complements common high-level satisfaction measures. Sentiment analysis can be applied to enterprise feedback and social monitoring and response, sentiment technologies deliver a key voice of the customer asset. IBM Watson through its natural language understanding provides numerous API platform for text analytics that is capable of understanding and analyzing varied characteristics such as sentiment, entity, emotion, keyword, concept tagging, language, and taxonomy.
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