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  1. Over the last few years the financial services sector has made significant improvements in the decisions it makes that affect customers. The major fines that resulted in big newspaper headlines a decade ago have dwindled, but at the same time customers still lack trust. A YouGov poll last year found that more than half of British consumers (55%) don’t think banks are working in their customers’ best interests. Given that it has never been so easy to switch a bank account or change insurance companies this has long-term negative consequences for financial institutions.
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  2. Most brands recognize that customer-listening programs add value to their overall experience. However, almost all struggle to move beyond the basics of satisfaction scores and net promoter scores (NPS).
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  3. Do you collect customer feedback? Are you using it to address the problems your customers actually experience?

    You may have found that Net Promoter Scores are great for learning what customers feel, but don’t provide specific insights.

    Unstructured comments are rich with detail, but with over 80,000 comments per month coming into Atlassian, it’s Voice of the Customer team couldn’t effectively categorize and measure what that information meant.
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  4. The NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is an indicator that measures customer loyalty. Created in 2003 by Fred Reichheld, consultant at Bain & Company, it is based on an assessment of the customer’s likelihood to recommend, usually accompanied by a question such as “Which elements motivated your rating ?”. The customer is asked to give a score between 0 and 10, according to which he will be classified into one of the 3 following categories : “promoter” if the score is 9 or 10, “passive” if the score is 7 or 8, or “detractor” if it is between 0 and 6.
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  5. Your customer experience management (CEM) system is up and running. You are actively listening to your customers and have an impressive 20% survey response rate. You’re measuring NPS and CSAT, and real-time alerts are coming in. That’s great! All signs point to a successful Voice of Customer (VoC) program.

    But wait!..
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  6. So it’s 2018, and with the New Year come new objectives and new challenges. For many executives at least part of those objectives probably includes achieving a target NPS score. The target scores could, in theory, range anywhere from +100 to -100 (based on a calculation of top two-box minus bottom-seven box responses to the likelihood to recommend question). But, of course, it’s unlikely that a company could stay in business too long if it were continually being scored by customers at those extreme lows. No brand is loved by each and every one of its customers.
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  7. We’ve all been there. That grudge payment we have to make. And on top of it, to make it, we need to go and stand in a queue that are usually extra long. Today was no different. I stopped at the traffic department to pay my license, saw the people queuing out the door and decided to come back a bit later (hoping that things would calm down a bit).
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  8. When it comes to customer loyalty it’s very easy for businesses to focus on those people that have had problems or issues and want to complain.
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