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  1. The category of customer experience has emerged from a basic expansion of CRM principles to a more tangible measurement of customer success. In the digital world, customers do not hesitate to let companies know how they feel about them, mostly when they have done something wrong. Now to transform your customer base from simply customers to advocates, companies are required to deliver a customer experience that is not just acceptable or good, but exceptional.
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  2. There is an entire world of customer success that has blown up in the past few years. These ideas have existed for a while, but not to the extent that they do now. The change has come from their increasing level of importance. In a world where software review sites are growing, products are becoming more accountable. The value of keeping customers happy has extended beyond signed contracts. Unhappy customers can give your service a negative review and spread the word, which can be detrimental. In order to make sure that customers are happy, you have to ask the right questions and keep track of the answers.
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  3. In short, both the customer initially and ultimately the CSM’s own company as well are beneficiaries of customer success management. These two beneficiaries could be looked on as being direct and indirect beneficiaries respectively, in the sense that the majority of what the CSM actually does is directly related to benefitting the customer’s organization through the processes of understanding and planning for and then actually undergoing the onboarding and adoption of and the value realization from whatever products and services they have purchased from the CSM’s company. In this way, the customer gains direct benefits from this action.
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  4. Established in 2001 in the Netherlands, Translink operates as the connecting force behind the OV-chipkaart. One card used for accessing all sorts of public transportation, the OV-chipkaart is an easier and more secure way for people to travel. The OV-chipkaart also allows Dutch public transportation companies to make more efficient use of capacity, resources and staff.
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  5. We are proud to announce that one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn, now uses Mopinion’s feedback software on their website ( Albert Heijn – also referred to as the AH or ‘Appie’, as the Dutch like to call it – jump-started its online feedback programme in June of last year (2017). Since then, they have employed various feedback forms across their website with the aim to extract valuable insights into the online shopper journey.
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  6. Client talk creates opportunities to help customers become more successful over time.

    What really makes a difference, though, is whether or not you listen for voiced, potentially strategic opportunities.

    On the other hand, do you have a short attention span when working with clients?

    If so, you listen to clients for the sole purpose of achieving tactical closure on the conversation. Client care becomes just another item on your daily To-Do list, instead of a strategic imperative.
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  7. This week, I read an online comment that Customer Experience is a part of Customer Success.

    Customer Success professionals believe customer experience is a subset of customer success. Customer Experience professionals believe customer success is a subset of customer experience.

    Each discipline has its own idea.

    The Customer Experience vs. Customer Success debate has been an interesting one.

    So, let’s back up a bit to dive into history and where we are.
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  8. Customer success means establishing a relationship with your clients, listening and understanding what their needs are and supporting them throughout the journey that leads to their own goals. That’s all nice and clear in theory but what are some actionable customer success tactics that actually work?

    It’s easy to get lost in the fluff and talk about general concepts but, when it comes to customer success, it’s important to have a clear strategy in mind and put in place effective measures that actually have an impact on the customer journey. A well defined customer success playbook is in fact vital in order to guarantee a constant customer success driven growth.
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