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  1. Latest InfluxData InfluxCloud Release Introduces Enhanced Security, Faster Onboarding Benefits and Expanded Global Region Support -- Updated Managed SaaS Offering of Leading Time Series Database Continues To Add Features that Support Redundancy, Security and Compliance Needs of Growing User Base
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  2. Clarabridge is a US based company and one of the prominent player in sentiment analytics market. It offers numerous analytics services. The company states that sentiment analytics has been used in text analytics form by enterprises from past several years. The company provides solutions that deliver customer insights, associated to product and service features if projected correctly. This detailed, explanatory analysis complements common high-level satisfaction measures. Sentiment analysis can be applied to enterprise feedback and social monitoring and response, sentiment technologies deliver a key voice of the customer asset. IBM Watson through its natural language understanding provides numerous API platform for text analytics that is capable of understanding and analyzing varied characteristics such as sentiment, entity, emotion, keyword, concept tagging, language, and taxonomy.
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  3. Client talk creates opportunities to help customers become more successful over time.

    What really makes a difference, though, is whether or not you listen for voiced, potentially strategic opportunities.

    On the other hand, do you have a short attention span when working with clients?

    If so, you listen to clients for the sole purpose of achieving tactical closure on the conversation. Client care becomes just another item on your daily To-Do list, instead of a strategic imperative.
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