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  1. If you want to engage with your prospects successfully, you need to launch a multi-pronged marketing effort. That being said, the importance of optimising your email marketing strategy can’t be overstated.
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  2. Customer Experience (CX) plays a crucial role in your business's relationship with a customer. CX is all about how customers perceive you from the sum of all their interactions with your business.

    You need to play an active role in shaping these experiences to build a positive impression of your brand to the public. You can be proactive and manage your customers' perceptions by launching CX strategies.
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  3. The buzz of promoting your day-to-day business activities on Snapchat may now be nothing more than a quiet hum — but Instagram stories (an Instagram feature which was brazenly stolen from Snapchat) is gaining traction by the day.

    But you don’t have to take our word for it, because the numbers, along with the insights gathered from inside company’s using Instagram Stories regularly, paint a vivid picture.
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  4. Client talk creates opportunities to help customers become more successful over time.

    What really makes a difference, though, is whether or not you listen for voiced, potentially strategic opportunities.

    On the other hand, do you have a short attention span when working with clients?

    If so, you listen to clients for the sole purpose of achieving tactical closure on the conversation. Client care becomes just another item on your daily To-Do list, instead of a strategic imperative.
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  5. This content is produced by The Australian Financial Review in commercial partnership with KPMG.

    With most of the rhetoric in the digital economy focused on placing the customer at the heart of all strategic thinking, it would be fair to assume a company's chief marketing officer or chief customer officer would have a seat at the top table.

    Unfortunately, this is still not the case in Australia although it is happening internationally...
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