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  1. There's a great deal of talk about what retail consumers want and expect and how those expectations are growing every day. Research from Elastic Path reveals that meeting those demands, and delivering a rewarding customer experience, requires flexible e-commerce.

    It's a critical strategy, according to the research, for all brands that want to meet ballooning consumer demands during the holiday season and other busy sales seasons such as back-to-school.
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  2. That’s right! Mopinion and Contentsquare are at it again. Next month we will be hosting the next edition of the Champagne Breakfast. This time the event will focus on how to run more effective experiments in ecommerce.
    The breakfast event, themed ‘Make experimentation sexy again’ will cater to an exclusive audience of ecommerce teams and include guest speakers from Tomtom and Intergamma, who will present cross-vertical strategies for how to run more effective experiments in ecommerce.
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  3. With e-commerce growing almost four times faster than in-store retail and set to account for half of all sales made by 2021, retailers must deliver a personalised, seamless and accessible experience, or customers will migrate to another brand. As customer expectations are changing, your customer experience (CX) has to evolve alongside those changes.
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  4. Magento is a well-known ecommerce platform, recently acquired by Adobe. It offers two distinct platforms: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce (or Magento 2). Supported by global network of nearly 1,150 solution and technology partners, Magento has a library of almost 5,000 extensions, created by other developers that ‘extend’ the functionality of the platform. These extensions range anywhere from Accounting & Finance to Customer Support and Reporting & Analytics to Shipping & Fulfillment and much more. There are also several notable user feedback extensions that are ideal for getting your customer feedback programme up and running.
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  5. Does your ecommerce website run on the Magento platform? Then we’ve got good news for you. Mopinion has just launched a user feedback extension for Magento that enables Magento-based websites to run Mopinion feedback software on their site.
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  6. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in the eCommerce industry. Online retailers face tough competition when it comes to offering a good customer experience and winning over the loyalty of their customers. And the truth remains that while striving for the much-sought-after “perfect customer experience”, there are many struggles these retailers still go through on a daily basis that hold them back.
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  7. When I ask retail CEOs about their top objectives, I often hear them say: “we want to put the customer at the center of everything we do.” This sounds easy, but it is increasingly difficult. Years ago, when I was a merchant for a retailer with a small chain of stores, I could walk the selling floor and ask our loyal customers for feedback. With 500 or 1000 stores, a rapidly growing e-commerce channel, and millions of customers, this is no longer possible.

    An entire category of Voice of the Customer (VoC) tools has arisen to address this challenge, and these tools can help retailers shape their in-store experience, pricing strategies, and product offerings. However, even with the vast amount of data and analytical tools at an executive’s fingertips, there are still enormous missed opportunities. While many retailers in the fashion, apparel and footwear industry have embraced them, other industries are far behind the curve. There is a misconception that these tools are best applied to fashion, whereas in reality they can be applied to virtually every product sector.
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  8. The need to constantly optimize their site is one of the biggest challenges faced by anyone investing in mobile commerce.

    But how can they not? Also referred to as mcommerce or m-commerce, mobile commerce is an advancement of ecommerce that enables people to buy and sell products from virtually anywhere by use of a mobile device. Basically, any monetary transaction that’s completed on a mobile device constitutes as mcommerce.
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  9. When it comes to e-commerce personalization, how do you know if you are truly delivering a personalized experience? As shoppers, we all have different likes, patterns, affinities, interests and trigger points that lead us to making purchases. In a physical store environment, an associate is well equipped to not only gauge the interest and patterns of their repeat customer, but also to inquire and learn what prompts that particular shopper to make a purchase. Is it a BOGO offer? Is it the ability to sample a new product with a purchase? Or is it the allure of purchasing an exclusive line solely available at that particular store?
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  10. According to eMarketer’s new report, 94% of B2B executives in North America said B2B ecommerce is critical to business advantage and results. In fact, experts believe that in the next few years, B2B ecommerce sales will eclipse the B2C market. Frost & Sullivan predicts global B2B ecommerce sales will hit $6.6 trillion by 2020 — this is more than double its 2020 estimate for global B2C online sales.
    Read more at https://www.business2community.com/ecommerce/how-b2b-ecommerce-marketers-can-use-the-voice-of-the-consumer-to-boost-sales-02133114
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