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  1. There is an entire world of customer success that has blown up in the past few years. These ideas have existed for a while, but not to the extent that they do now. The change has come from their increasing level of importance. In a world where software review sites are growing, products are becoming more accountable. The value of keeping customers happy has extended beyond signed contracts. Unhappy customers can give your service a negative review and spread the word, which can be detrimental. In order to make sure that customers are happy, you have to ask the right questions and keep track of the answers.
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  2. There’s a reason why Yelp’s influence can make or break a restaurant in a matter of just a few reviews -- customer service is the be-all and end-all of good business. Customers are the backbone of every business and while acquiring them is difficult, retaining them can be even trickier.

    If a business is having to constantly find new customers, it’s going to struggle to create any long-lasting growth. Meanwhile, if another business can keep its customers happy, those customers will refer the business to new customers.
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  3. What do revenue, retention and reputation all have in common? Yes, they all start with the letter R, but more importantly, they all revolve around the customer. And like those three words, everything in your business should too.

    Your customers fuel your organization’s most important initiative: revenue. But increasing revenue would be nearly impossible without retaining the customers who impact your bottom line. How can you work to retain those customers as you continue to evolve, innovate and grow your business? Develop a consistent voice of the customer (VoC) program that meets your customer’s emotional needs and drives your brand’s reputation throughout each experience.
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  4. First and foremost, the value of customers is that they are humans. This very basic fact should by itself be intriguing for businesses to transform their organization, culture, and business model to offer more of a human to human relationship. Now, I do understand that as businesses we are not there for charity. We are rather looking to increase the cash flow into our organization, reduce costs in order to make more profits by end of year. With no doubt, refocusing our model to be Human Centered and increasing Customer Satisfaction, will help us achieve our monetary targets.

    Providing customers a more valuable experience will increase the value of your customers. Going back to a more business perspective on the topic, and to get in alignment with the executive suite’s “show me the money!” orientation, the return on customer centered efforts, whether in terms of expenditure or in terms of needed time should be quantified.
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  5. Embracing direct feedback from your customers can help you learn a lot about what your company is doing right and what you might improve upon to be more successful. Online customer surveys are one way to gather insight.

    Like any method of customer research, their usefulness depends on how well they’re planned and executed. And one of the most important components of planning a survey is crafting the questions it will include.
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  6. There are various factors contributing to business success or failure. Customer satisfaction is a key factor for businesses to exist. It is important to track and continuously improve Customer satisfaction in order to win customers delight and turn them into promoters of your brand. If you ignore customer’s satisfaction, they might stop caring about your products, and brand as well in the longer run. The sooner you realize the importance of this factor, the better your organization’s performance be.

    The most powerful mechanism to know this is to understand your customer. The key to this understanding involves constant communication with your customer. Of this, listening is the key skill required to be practised. While Listening is so important, let us understand how this could be effectively used for our advantage in a business context.
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  7. In today’s modern times, companies of all types and sizes are venturing into the realm of online customer surveys to expand and improve their business operations and financial bottom line

    The importance of conducting customer surveys cannot be highlighted enough, as they have the potential to produce a range of dynamic and compelling benefits for any organization

    Companies investing in comprehensive surveying strategies are able to glean imperative information about levels of customer satisfaction, how to target potential customers, gain feedback on new products and services, track employee satisfaction, and even building an astute awareness of their brand versus that of their competitors.
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  8. Are you in the habit of closing the loop with customers that offer negative feedback on post-interaction surveys like Customer Satisfaction or Net Promoter Score? I certainly hope so, because it’s a great practice that many companies aren’t in the habit of doing. When I led a customer service team, I was very proud of the fact that we made every attempt at closing the loop with the upset customers we knew about, and by some combination of resolving their issue and offering compensation, we managed to save a good many of them from churning.

    But what about those customers that don’t complete a survey voicing their displeasure? What about those where something goes wrong and it’s “too much trouble to complain?” Or perhaps they do complain and the disinterested reply from support is enough for the customer to cut their losses and move on to a company that actually wants their business. And then there’s that statistic where upset customers tell dozens of people about negative experiences while happy customers tell a small handful of their friends. I’m convinced that someone invented that statistic to strike fear into the hearts of customer service leaders with the sole purpose of selling books, software, consulting, etc.
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  9. Most companies have recognized the value of investing in knowledge management (or KM), especially as part of their customer service strategy. It provides an always-available and ever-expanding repository of solutions accessible to customers and agents alike. It also reduces the impact of “information loss” for companies because, though staffing may change and skilled agents move on, solutions are preserved.

    There is no argument that KM offers many benefits, but it’s by no means a silver bullet. Too often, companies make these mistakes:
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  10. Are your customers successful and happy with your products and services? Are they telling their friends and business partners to buy from you? If they have a concern, are you making meaningful change to address it? These are questions that all businesses need to ask themselves to ensure everything is being done to create customer delight. Happy customers are not only retained but they also help create more happy customers. Having solid answers to these questions helps drive a smooth customer experience throughout your sales cycle, the delivery, use or implementation of your product, and through any ongoing post-sale interactions.

    To realize these goals a company needs to ensure their practices delight customers at every stage. And as the saying goes: “You cannot change what you cannot measure”.
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