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  1. Among the technology trends shaping 2019 and beyond, the adaptation of artificial intelligence (AI) to shape and propel the Customer Experience (CX) is among the most momentous. AI technologies, including machine learning (ML), natural-language understanding, and natural-language processing are proving transformative in acquiring, analyzing, and responding to customer feelings and feedback. In my experience, the scalability, speed and accuracy of AI is outperforming expectations and illuminating a forward path to even greater progress.
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  2. If you’re a WestJet customer, you may have gotten flight info, baggage allowances and even information on how to fly with your wedding dress from the Canadian airline’s digital agent. She responds in less than one second to the most frequently asked questions. With Juliet, WestJet is now solving 74% of all customer service queries via Facebook Messenger without needing any human intervention.
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  3. By 2025, it is predicted that AI will power 95% of customer interactions. But what does this mean for the client experience industry?

    AI technology will likely influence the client journey. While we have already seen iterations of AI in client experiences at work, like automated chatbots and content personalization, but there is still more to come. Read on to learn about three ways that AI will change the future of client experience.
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  4. The increasing and widespread adoption of voice technology is already beginning to establish its place as a major factor in travel.

    A truly intelligent voice technology platform would enable fluid, human-like conversations. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology would support complex exchanges, detect nuances in speech patterns and tone and remember details from earlier conversations.
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  5. Mobile World Congress 2018, the biggest mobile industry trade show has come to a close in Barcelona. This year, there were many hot topics ranging from artificial intelligence to the long-awaited 5G connectivity. Mobile manufacturers came from all over the world to show off their best upcoming devices yet. I had strong expectations that 5G would steal the show, but as always, there was a lot more going on at this years event. The following are a few of the innovative trends that made headlines this year and how they are expected to affect you and me.
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  6. Your date kisses you goodnight. You turn to walk home. Your date heads in the opposite direction. You pull out your smartphone. You whisper, "I had a great time." Your smartphone runs a calculation that lasts only a millisecond. When it's done, the smartphone says aloud, "You are in love."
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  7. For most consumers, buying a car is a long, complex process that involves a significant amount of research into different brands, models, and features, leading to a purchase driven by both emotion and logic.

    Given the time and financial investment that goes into this, consumers want auto dealerships to deliver a highly personalized and pleasant customer experience.
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  8. Over the festive season, I caught up with Lucas Watson, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at financial management software heavyweight Intuit. I was expecting a discussion on expansion plans, brand strategy, and how increasing financial compliance regulations are a challenge for small and medium-sized business owners.
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  9. There’s a lot of talk that AI is the future, but the capabilities are already being widely used and it’s not really that scary, according to CEO of technology company Sherlok, Elisa Adams.

    “AI is the new solution to better understanding the voice of the customer and while it does takes expertise, it doesn’t have to be overly complex or hard,” she told CMO during a recent interview.
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