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  1. Despite the e-commerce boom, numbers show shoppers still want the touch-and-feel experience of brick-and-mortar — recent data from the National Retail Federation found that nearly 80 percent of consumers primarily shop in traditional stores. While the increased foot traffic is great for a retailer's bottom line, it can wreak havoc on sales associates if you don't give them appropriate tools to manage the many needs and requests of shoppers in real-time.
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  2. Digital marketing is now firmly embedded in our day-to-day lives; we start our day with newsletters and check our Facebook before bed. Its influence will continue to grow in 2019, and new advertising trends built on today’s digital innovations will grow along with it. It’s your job to learn to distinguish them and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

    Here are four digital marketing trends to watch out in 2019:
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  3. When asked what they saw as the number one opportunity in ecommerce marketing today, 30% of brands said ‘More accurate consumer targeting across retailers.’

    Brands also cited three other key opportunities: ‘Improved user experience’ (22%), ‘Voice search advertising’ (14%), and the closer alignment of digital marketing with merchandising teams (8%).

    In our recent Era of Ecommerce research report with Catalyst and Search Engine Watch, we found a number of interesting insights on the ecommerce landscape today, what opportunities and challenges exist, and how marketers are — or are not — rising to meet them.
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  4. Having evolved from a concept to a certainty, voice assistants and devices powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are set to shape the next generation of modern marketing.

    According to the Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research, about 39 million U.S. adults (or 16 percent of the population) already own a smart speaker (a voice command device with an integrated virtual assistant). And Juniper Research predicts that that number will grow to 70 million by 2022, when as many as 870 million voice-assistant-enabled devices across all platforms — smartphones, tablets, PCs, speakers, connected TVs, cars and wearables — will be in use in the U.S. Those systems will include Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant-equipped smartphones.
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  5. Great customer service experiences are few and far between, so when you have a good one, it makes a serious impression. Today, most companies don’t let their customers connect, hear a live voice -- a positive one, at that -- and build loyalty to the brand. An interaction with customer service is often the first step toward alienation, not bonding. But for brands that do it right, the contact makes a different kind of impact -- a good one.
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  6. According to Adobe’s recent digital maturity survey, a majority of digitally mature companies are increasing their budgets in both personalisation and optimisation in order to stay competitive. Leading brands understand the best experiences are consistently personal.

    Yet, many companies struggle to scale the delivery of personalised experiences across channels. To solve for these challenges, Adobe today announced new artificial intelligence (AI) innovations with Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning technology, in Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Experience Cloud.
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  7. Customer service means customer success these days, and as the field grows, more roles for leadership open up. Customer success leaders need strong visionary and management skills, but leadership encompasses many vital components when it comes to serving clients.

    Many of the best customer service leaders started at the bottom of their organizations and know the inner workings of every part of their business. Leadership also requires the ability to scale and grow the business into the future of the industry. Here are 10 things customer service leaders do for their clients.
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  8. In a constantly connected and mobile society, providing an omnichannel customer service has become indispensable for brands looking to connect with busy customers
    A phone conversation is no longer the only means for customer interaction; customers today communicate via SMS, email, social media platforms, live chat and more. Nearly 50% of customers find themselves crossing back and forth between digital and physical interactions, even in a single conversation. The omnichannel trend reflects consumers’ desire for greater choice and personalisation: they can select the mode of communication which best suits them, use their own devices and access information at any time of day.
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  9. With 2018 already well under way, my mind is bursting with ideas on how to make the most of the latest digital marketing trends. Change is happening right before our eyes. Every year I like to take a step back and revisit key sales drivers, writing down probing questions about recent technological advances, search algorithm changes, SEO drivers and changes in consumer behavior.

    Every key driver gives me new opportunities to experiment and measure the results. I’m always up for a challenge, and the results almost always surprise me. Here are the trending projects I have my eyes on in 2018:
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  10. For years, investments in the voice channel have taken backseat to digital. But with the rapid rise of IoT devices and AI-driven conversational experiences in the consumer realm, organizations must rethink the role of voice in a world where consumers want to engage through channels and devices beyond the phone.
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