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  1. With more than 23,000 employees and 130+ stores across France, Leroy Merlin is the leading DIY retail brand in France – in the market of home improvement and gardening. The brand is not limited to an in-store offer. Leroy Merlin France also has a strong digital ecosystem with a fast growing website.
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  2. In a recent market analysis from UBS, retail was ranked among the top industries predicted to be most impacted by artificial intelligence (AI) in the years to come. In fact, analysts have estimated that global retailer spending on AI will reach $7.3 billion per year by 2022, up from just $2 billion in 2019.

    When it comes to where this money will be spent in the coming years, the majority of it is expected to be used to better the customer experience (CX), including everything from personalization to customer service. It’s an essential area to invest in given one in three (30 percent) consumers would post a negative review online or to social media if they received poor customer support, proving the need for enhanced CX to maintain customer loyalty, and even gain new shoppers. Brands are still just beginning to untangle the many advantages of using AI in retail, so let’s explore how AI can transform the customer experience.
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  3. Tides are shifting in retail marketing. The final sale is no longer the end goal — certainly, it’s important, but as competition for retail business intensifies, creating an exceptional consumer experience that increases lifetime value is taking priority.

    Retail brands are rethinking the way they approach marketing to consumers. Rather than designing channel-specific strategies that segment the marketing message, we’re seeing the focus move to a cohesive experience across all touchpoints. The strategy is called omnichannel marketing, and it’s helping brands take a more holistic approach to customer relations.
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  4. Serving over six million visitors each week, Dutch retail chain, HEMA is expanding rapidly. HEMA now has stores in nine different countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria and soon in the United Arab Emirates. This tremendous growth certainly presents its challenges when it comes maintaining a smooth online customer experience – but it also represents an exciting digital undertaking for the Dutch company.
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  5. Today’s customer is overloaded with choice, constantly interrupted, switching between multiple channels, and it can be tricky to grab their attention and keep them coming back.

    With loyalty schemes, retailers need to offer real, instant and obvious value to customers. Retailers must simplify their schemes to get results.
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  6. We are delighted to share that the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, Decathlon, is now using Mopinion’s feedback analytics software. Decathlon hit the ground running with their new online feedback programme in the summer of 2017 with feedback forms on their French and Chinese websites. Pleased with the performance and customer insights obtained via Mopinion’s software, Decathlon is now in the process of rolling out Mopinion software on webshops in twenty-one additional countries!
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  7. With a string of big names disappearing from the high street, requiring rescue or teetering on the brink, we need to ask, if retail’s battle cry is truly ‘adapt or die’, why have so many chosen the latter in 2018? And as the year draws to a close, which trends will drive the former in 2019?
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  8. When asked what they saw as the number one opportunity in ecommerce marketing today, 30% of brands said ‘More accurate consumer targeting across retailers.’

    Brands also cited three other key opportunities: ‘Improved user experience’ (22%), ‘Voice search advertising’ (14%), and the closer alignment of digital marketing with merchandising teams (8%).

    In our recent Era of Ecommerce research report with Catalyst and Search Engine Watch, we found a number of interesting insights on the ecommerce landscape today, what opportunities and challenges exist, and how marketers are — or are not — rising to meet them.
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  9. Jamie Dickinson, retail sales director for UK and Ireland at Datalogic, reveals the four areas retailers should be focusing on in 2019 to improve customer experience.
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  10. In this webinar, Mopinion is joined by special guests Stephan Brandenburg & Iris Rabenberg of major retail company, De Bijenkorf (part of Selfridges Group). These two share some interesting details on how they gather and get the most out of their online customer feedback data, from collection and the application of triggering techniques, to managing/structuring the data and their key findings.
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