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  1. Customer feedback is crucial to running a successful business. From improving your customer experience to perfecting your services or products, customer feedback will tell you most things you need to know to grow your business.

    However, gathering quality customer feedback isn't always easy. Business News Daily talked to business owners about how they gather feedback. Here are five tips.
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  2. Social media and the Voice Of the Customer (VoC). It’s a topic that keeps popping up, especially the value of social and the role of social signals in the overall VoC picture. In its “Integrated Customer Experience study“, Econsultancy once again showed that social media ranks surprisingly low on the list of channels used in a VoC context. Social is even often separated from the overall Voice Of the Customer approach.
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  3. If you have a VoC program or are interesting in building one, where are all the places you should “listen” to their voice? It is much more than just surveys.
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  4. In the age of social media, customers not only expect a meaningful two-way conversation but also insist that brands act on what they have to say.

    At the same time, customers have become more demanding while their expectations continue to increase. In fact, almost two-thirds of the respondents’ expectations have risen compared to a year ago.

    It all comes down to better customer service. Almost all respondents cited the quality of customer service as a determinant of their choice and loyalty to a brand, while 61% walked away from a brand due to poor customer service.
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  5. For customers, conversations with brands are never more than a click away. Social media is opening up more direct channels for communication between brands and consumers than ever before. And savvy brands know to use platforms like Facebook and Instagram as stronger touchpoints to engage consumers. You might have seen this play out with airline brand representatives alleviating concerns with disgruntled flyers online in real-time, or famous fast food brands exchanging cheeky tweets with critics. While social media is a powerful communication tool, it doesn’t replace a Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution when it comes to gaining actionable customer feedback. Without a solid VoC strategy in place, social media can easily become a place where your brand’s dirty laundry is aired via public conversations, rather than a real driver of positive change.

    Here’s how you can use a strong VoC strategy to work in tandem with social to better understand how customers feel about your brand:
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  6. In today’s fast-paced world, a person’s opinion about a product, service or individual is unpredictable and changing constantly, yet companies can use this unpredictability for their own benefit.

    Sentiment analysis is an extremely useful tool to monitor the public opinion of certain topics across social media, like stock market trends or political campaign announcements. By analyzing text—such as posts and reviews uploaded by users on different platforms—sentiment analysis helps businesses understand the social sentiment of a brand, product or service.
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  7. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have had a dramatic impact on the current business environment. Brands no longer have the luxury of controlling what they want potential customers to see or read about them as social media has empowered consumers to generate content which could affect the public perception of a brand, it has also given these consumers access to a global audience. This has facilitated a power shift from businesses to the consumer.

    Social media has amplified the voice of the customers who can now share their pleasure or displeasure with millions of people all over the world. Although the power tilt is mostly in the favour of the customers, businesses can still capitalize on social media to improve their brand image & trustworthiness, engage with customers, support them and access valuable feedback. In this post, I will share 5 ways businesses can ensure their brands always project a positive image on social media.
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  8. Consumers want to shop for an automobile in the same way they shop for other items online. Online advertisements encourage consumers to make purchases even before they are certain of what they want to buy. The use of artificial intelligence to bring customers to your dealership is the modern way of advertising. The use of social media and other online techniques as a means to collect data about what consumers are looking for and interested in is an excellent way for car dealers to discover what it is their customers are interested in, particularly when they are looking to purchase a new car. This way, the car dealer can entice their customers with the newest cars on the lot by offering them discounts and bonus packages if they purchase a car right now.
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  9. According to a survey by Statista, nearly 2.62 billion people have active social media accounts worldwide today. The high tech industry has long understood that targeted ads and social media campaigns are powerful tools for driving brand awareness and sales. However, despite the fact that social media drives more traffic to a website than organic search, conversion rates are still extremely low. In fact, according to AdWeek, social media traffic has an average conversion rate of 0.71 percent, with organic search converting at 1.95 percent and email at 3.19 percent.

    Some high tech companies are very successful in creating communities and developing a strong following on their social media accounts and this is definitely the first step to increasing conversion. But how do you use these communities to build customer loyalty, provide a better customer experience and increase sales conversion rates?
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  10. As the saying goes, “For every customer who bothers to complain, 20 other customers remain silent.” Unless the experience is really bad, customers usually don’t bother to share feedback about an experience that didn’t meet their expectations. Instead, they decide never to do business with the service provider again. That’s a high price to pay for lost feedback.

    The lost customer is not the only casualty. Studies have shown that each dissatisfied customer typically shares the unsatisfactory experience with 8 to 10 (sometimes even 20) others. With the growing use of social media, it’s not uncommon for negative feedback to go viral and hurt the credibility of a brand.
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