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  1. Alexa, Siri, Google Voice Assistant. These have become household names, and indeed are members of many households, helping us with information, entertainment and even shopping. All four of these, as well as others under development, are platforms that seek to provide the answers to the questions their users are asking — all their questions.

    But like humans, there are some things that these AI-based voice assistants do better than others. Ask Alexa to tell you a joke, and she'll dig deep into her archives to tickle your funny bone. Ask Siri where the best Mexican food in the neighborhood is and he'll come back with a list that will run the gamut of south of the border regional cuisine, from Bajas to Veracruz.
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  2. There many fascinating insights from a new study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in conjunction with SAS, Intel and Accenture Applied Intelligence. The study is a quick, insightful read of 16 pages that combines survey findings and enterprises’ marketing results.
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  3. 2017 was a record year for hacks of personal customer details. These breaches give fraudsters access to our identities including the answers to those annoying security questions. One thing the fraudsters can’t do much with? Voice data. And that is why banks and telcos are increasingly replacing security questions with biometrics.
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  4. To remain competitive within the contact centre industry, companies need to do more to ensure better-than-exceptional customer engagements, and the best way to measure and quantify these is to deploy customer experience analytics solutions.
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  5. Today, marketing success is developing winning customer-centric experiences. That’s why Voice of the Customer (VoC) data has grown from a nice to have to the backbone of measuring and managing the customer experience.

    However, VoC data is always leveraged to analyze the experience after the experience has occurred. Also it is a dataset that is a small sample of the total population of visitors that visit your site. Therefore, the effectiveness of this rich, customer-centric dataset would be most valuable if leveraged to create individual experiences in real-time. Marketing is fuelled by data, but VoC data is oddly absent from the marketing technology ecosystem.
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