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  1. Customer engagement and customer experience (CX) are too often used as buzzwords without a company making a true effort to shape their strategy and the way they do business around the customer. Moreover, companies feel that simply installing a technology product will be a silver bullet to providing better customer engagement. This shortsightedness creates an unsustainable environment that gives customers the sense of a disjointed company and employees left confused on how they can provide the best experience for their customers.
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  2. Customer engagement success isn't just about what you put in front of external consumers, it's also about your internal employees.

    Being a more customer-led business doesn’t just require a greater understanding and empathy towards your customers, not is going to purely be delivered in the channels and devices you’re interacting with them in.
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  3. The essence of business never changes: engaging the customer, every day.

    This is not just the source of revenue: the customer experience – and perspective – remains the "early warning system" to show if things are not working, says Karen Penrose, director at Bank of Queensland. "Trust is remade on every customer encounter," she says.

    But these days, there are other stakeholders that business must engage: governments, regulators, employees, suppliers, investors, funders and the general public. "In the modern environment, questions get raised (about a business) by a whole host of interested, invested individuals," she says.
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  4. In-App & Web Notifications are increasingly being used by digital-first businesses as a means for boosting conversions or simply conveying an important message to their visitors (while they are active in-app or on the website). According to Localytics, In-App Messaging in particular is capable of boosting engagement by 3x! So to what can we attribute the success of in-app and web notifications? Easy. That would be their exceptional ability to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.

    In this article we will define 10 tools that offer in-app & web notifications.
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  5. In many conferences in 2017, the buzz has all been around the customer experience, customer journeys or customer engagement. These topics come up in almost every presentation in a banking, hospitality, marketing or retail conference. However, there was little linkage between these “buzz” topics with loyalty nor branding. There is a correlation between the customer experience and how that impacts loyalty and an organisation’s brand. How does a brand inspire loyalty and how does the customer experience elevate a brand?
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  6. Ask anyone. There are many companies out there that make use of several tools as a means for communicating with their visitors or customers on their website, be it through a chatbot, feedback form or direct review. Now, you might be thinking ‘Hey these are basically classified as customer experience tools and I have one!’ and because you already utilise one of these tools, there is nothing else you need to do to improve the customer experience. Well that’s not entirely true…
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  7. Travelzoo, a global publisher of exclusive offers and experiences for members, won the 'Best Use of Voice of the Customer' award at the 2017 Engage Awards, which celebrate inspirational customer and employee engagement excellence. The award was received at a glittering ceremony in London, following the sixth Customer Engagement Summit, Europe's highly regarded customer and employee engagement conference, held on 13th November and attended by more than 1,000 professionals.
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  8. The number one objective enterprises give for embarking on a digital transformation is to improve customer experiences with new engagement models, according to IDC’s 2017 global study.

    This response will come as no surprise to CMOs. Marketing has been blazing this trail for more than a decade. And in most companies, the marketing leader has the best resume for leadership in this pivotal area. Yet in another IDC study, we found fewer than 10 per cent of US companies with CX initiatives believe those are primarily a marketing effort. Why?
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  9. There’s a lot of talk that AI is the future, but the capabilities are already being widely used and it’s not really that scary, according to CEO of technology company Sherlok, Elisa Adams.

    “AI is the new solution to better understanding the voice of the customer and while it does takes expertise, it doesn’t have to be overly complex or hard,” she told CMO during a recent interview.
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