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  1. Picture this: you’re managing a business that relies on field workers, the company is growing rapidly, customers are calling left and right, and you’re on a hiring spree to keep up with demand.

    This is the honeymoon period, and more often than not, managers don’t realize how quickly that growth can turn into missed appointments, overworked employees, and poor cash-flow because of the added strain on inventory. By this point, managers are looking for a lifeline. Fortunately, that’s where field service management software enters the scene.
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  2. The essence of business never changes: engaging the customer, every day.

    This is not just the source of revenue: the customer experience – and perspective – remains the "early warning system" to show if things are not working, says Karen Penrose, director at Bank of Queensland. "Trust is remade on every customer encounter," she says.

    But these days, there are other stakeholders that business must engage: governments, regulators, employees, suppliers, investors, funders and the general public. "In the modern environment, questions get raised (about a business) by a whole host of interested, invested individuals," she says.
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