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  1. In this customer story, Canterbury City Council’s Product Manager, David Newell shares a little bit about how his organisation’s customer feedback programme (with Mopinion’s software) has helped his team become more customer centric online.
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  2. More and more government agencies and NGOs are starting to focus on what is called ‘the online citizen experience’. In fact according to an Accenture survey, nearly 65% of public service leaders have claimed that a personalised, online citizen experience is one of their highest priorities. However, in order to achieve this, these agencies must digitise their efforts and start catering to their citizens in an online environment. So how do they do that exactly?
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  3. Are you listening to the voice of your customers? Of course you are. Based on CustomerThink research, nearly all large enterprises conduct relationship and/or transaction surveys. And increasingly, small and mid-sized firms are doing so, too.

    But wait, did I say “voice” – singular? You should be listening to several “voices,” deciding what actions are needed, and — this is the most important thing — taking action! My customer-centric research has identified five “Listen” practices that leading brands implement more effectively, in order of relative impact:
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  4. In the SaaS world, people aren’t looking to buy a product once and move on. They’re looking for a solution that will continue to provide value as the company grows. This is where customer-centric thinking plays a critical role—it ensures that your customers are at the front of your organization from product development to the post-sales process.

    Customer-centric thinking gives customers a positive experience that will bring value to both the vendor and the customer. Blue J Legal is a SaaS company that does exactly this by aligning their team around their customers.
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  5. Customer centricity is misunderstood. A change in retail has already occurred: technology users and their need for immediacy have severed the middle ground. Retail in the middle, grounded in mediocrity is doomed. The unifying force, no matter what way you shop, demands a customer-focused experience.
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  6. "Understanding the voice of your customer is key in today’s competitive business landscape, as is developing a customer-centric management style which focuses on understanding and maintaining compelling, positive high-quality experiences for your customers.

    Internet and intranet communication allows organizations to hold ongoing conversations with the people they serve. This gives them access to an enormous amount of potentially valuable information. Natural language understanding and deep learning are key to tapping into this information and to revealing how to better serve their audiences.

    In this blog, I will discuss the different ways that deep learning can take you to the next level of understanding the voice of your customer including: the importance of qualitative data (unstructured feedback); the role of analytics in the analysis of qualitative data for VoC; and the role and promise of deep learning for applications (including AI Assistant)."
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  7. Customer-centricity is integral to culture, a precursor to strategy and essential for sustained customer growth and retention. However, companies don’t get to decide how customer-centric they are. That’s decided by their customers.

    For companies to understand, manage and profit from customer-centricity, they must implement an objective scoring system, create a performance baseline, and report results to know when customer strategies are working or course corrections are needed.
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