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  1. Mobile marketing and advertising are about to change dramatically thanks to the rollout of 5G networks. In fact, because of this transformative technology, there will be 25 billion global IoT connections by 2025, tripling the current number while providing marketers with richer data sets.

    That statistic was just one of many intriguing revelations at the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. While the mobile era is definitely here—by the end of 2019, mobile ads will represent 72 percent of all U.S. digital ad spending—it is about to shift directions at breathtaking speed due to 5G. With that in mind, here are four emerging, mobile marketing trends CMOs should have their eye on to prepare for the next decade of business.
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  2. 'Staying current with ever-changing tech trends is now de rigueur for any modern marketing executive. One of the first things Jim Lyski did after becoming CMO of CarMax in 2014 was to go on a “digital safari” to Silicon Valley with the company’s new CIO and other senior executives. They spent three days meeting with leading tech and venture capitalist firms, getting up to speed on emerging technologies.

    “Google is happy to show you not only what they’re doing but what they’re going to concentrate on over the next year,” Lyski says. “Facebook, Adobe, Oracle and IBM Watson will do the same thing. If you’re not talking to the experts that are reshaping our industry, you’re missing the boat. This industry changes at breakneck speed. If you don’t put in the effort to stay abreast of everything, you’ll blink and be left behind.”'
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  3. The days of quick customer experience wins through digital and mobile innovation are gone and organisations must tackle the more complex task of overhauling their culture in order to find sustainable improvement.

    That was the consensus across panellists at CMO’s breakfast event, entitled ‘Creating more Intelligent Customer Customers’, held in Melbourne on 22 May. IAG executive GM of customer futures, Customer Labs division, Jill Baptist, said the emphasis of her team is on understanding how to cut through the noise and achieve that next level in customer engagement.
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  4. According to the latest Customer Experience in Marketing Survey 2017: Greater Expectations, Greater Challenges, in two years 82 per cent of B2B CMOs expect to mostly or completely compete on the basis of CX, compared with 76 per cent for B2C marketers.

    Meaning that competing on price and product or a combination of both is becoming much less important. This is big, really big, because creating great customer experiences will require tenacity, dedication, long term thinking, integration of data, collaboration and a cross company approach where everyone is involved. No. Mean. Feat.
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  5. Compelling customer experiences require “a constant stream” of customer feedback, Slack’s global vice-president of marketing, Kelly Watkins, says. It's sound advice and not overly complicated, but often, it’s difficult for companies to achieve.

    “You have to have access on a constant basis to your customer, and understand what their needs are and what their challenges are - and what they’re trying to achieve,” Watkins tells CMO.

    As an example of how and where Slack is able to stay in touch with the customer in real-time, she point to an integration between the collaboration platform and Twitter.
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