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  1. Customer expectations have changed. We now live in an experience economy where every customer values and expects high-touch, high-quality experiences with brands. With the rise of the cloud and subscription models, customers no longer buy software once and maintain it forever; instead, they evaluate each vendor every year and decide whether they’re providing value. They crave a relationship with brands at every step, innovation, and regular product updates, and an outlet to share feedback on changes they’d like to see.
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  2. We hear companies throwing around common phrases like, ‘Customer centricity is at the heart of our organisation’ and ‘We’re very much in tune with the needs of our customers’. Not surprisingly, seeing as how according to a study carried out by Bain and company, 80% of organisations they surveyed believed that they were providing a superior customer experience to their customers. Meanwhile, just 8% of their customers shared this opinion. Only eight percent! This is a huge disconnect and gap in perception, one that is commonly referred to as the customer experience gap.
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  3. In the world of constant disruptive changes and rapidly amplifying market needs, innovation is the differentiator. It is the capability to do things differently, caters to ever-increasing customer expectations, and transform ideas into reality.

    Which is why innovation is the ‘strategic vision du jour’ of many ambitious organizations today.
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  4. Sales is no longer a door-to-door business; you don’t get to ring the doorbell and tell customers they need you anymore. Now, they’re coming to your door, and if they don’t like what they see, they move on. So, how do you ensure they see the value in what you offer?

    You have to understand their expectations not just of your offerings, but of their entire experience with your brand — from discovery to customer care. That means that “sales” can no longer stand apart from “marketing” or “service.” These silos must converge and create a continuous, intelligent customer experience (CX). Read on for steps you can take toward meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
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  5. Customer service agents have hundreds of conversations across channels every day, and all of the data from these interactions comes directly into the contact center. But, without being proactive about analyzing the information at their fingertips, businesses may be missing critical cross-channel insights. In fact, 44 percent of marketing and customer experience professionals say they offer four or more channels to communicate with their brand; however, 58 percent admit they think their customers only use two or three.

    Customer expectations change constantly and without analyzing interaction data across all channels, companies might be wasting time and money. For businesses to stay on top of consumer preferences, they must go beyond capturing voice-of-the-customer insights and examine that information to make decisions that drive positive change.
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  6. In the age of social media, customers not only expect a meaningful two-way conversation but also insist that brands act on what they have to say.

    At the same time, customers have become more demanding while their expectations continue to increase. In fact, almost two-thirds of the respondents’ expectations have risen compared to a year ago.

    It all comes down to better customer service. Almost all respondents cited the quality of customer service as a determinant of their choice and loyalty to a brand, while 61% walked away from a brand due to poor customer service.
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  7. The notion of customer experience has always been hugely important, but it does feel that lately, its importance is bigger than ever. Perhaps it’s the changing customer expectations – expecting speedier deliveries, more personalized experiences, and so on. Or maybe it’s because of the biggest millennial brands – like Airbnb and Uber – that are all about ease, speed, and convenience. Whatever the cause/s may be, one thing is for sure: you need to constantly improve the customer experience in order to keep and stand out.

    In this blog post, I’m going to share top tips and technologies that will help you improve the customer experience.
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  8. Kris McKenzie Senior Vice President and General Manager for EMEA at Calabrio explains to Information Age how having access to data and effectively utilising it to drive strategic business initiatives and deliver a stellar customer experience are two different things.
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  9. Customers are yearning for better experiences. But what are you doing to design a better experience?

    How do you know what your customers’ expectations are? What are they trying to achieve? And how well is that going for them? Are you listening to customers? Are you mapping their experiences? How are you driving the necessary change within your company?
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