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  1. As enterprises in North America increasingly migrate their processes and applications to the cloud, contact center service providers (CCSPs) will have to deliver next-level customer experience (CX) and contact center performance and productivity to gain a competitive edge. Using a broadened set of analytics tools that incorporate novel technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR), and Big Data, companies are adding intelligence to existing applications such as interactive voice response (IVR). They are also integrating multiple contact channels such as mobile, chat, messaging, and social media to offer a richer omnichannel experience with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.
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  2. Facing the highest competitiveness and being under the constant risk of losing clients and money, businesses are strongly focusing on the creation of a client-centric strategy. If earlier it was enough to offer some kinds of goods at a lower price, now getting success is much more difficult.

    To stay competitive and boost sales, companies have to add value to customers, provide them with the personalized experience, and solve their challenges. Customer data is taking the center stage: when understanding the audience needs, a company can deliver the best service possible and thus receive loyal customers and increase income.
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  3. Voice of the customer data is one of the easiest, most timely, cost-effective and well-rounded data you can get. Surveys are done mostly online and are simple to create, analyze and reference. Programs like SurveyMonkey are fast, intuitive and easy platforms to use. You may have seen ours. SBJ sends surveys a couple of times a year and we have utilized the voice of our reader to relaunch our print edition, improve our website experience and shape our events. Our customers’ feedback has been an invaluable resource. You will continue to see SBJ respond to your feedback with action toward improvement.,59676/
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  4. How are you getting insight on your customers that is deeper than your competitors? How well is it working? Are these insights allowing you to make changes that increase your market share and revenues?

    You will already know where the trend is going. GDPR will create some volatility as the implications start to play out, but without doubt it will play out albeit with amended guidelines. What is also without doubt will be the explosive growth of passive data which will be harnessed to increasingly sophisticated analytics as a means of predicting customer behaviour. As data bandwidths increase and become cheaper, the sheer volume of data will explode as almost everything we do becomes monitored to a greater and ever granular degree.

    Is it possible that we are relying too much on technology? Are companies now adapting their customer journeys, internal processes and products based on what the technology-driven analytics say alone? Or are there alternatives that will give you better insight?
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  5. Kris McKenzie Senior Vice President and General Manager for EMEA at Calabrio explains to Information Age how having access to data and effectively utilising it to drive strategic business initiatives and deliver a stellar customer experience are two different things.
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  6. Market research used to rely primarily upon asking questions. The tools of the trade were surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, in-store shop-alongs and some observational techniques derived from academic ethnographies. Of course, there were also occasions when it was possible to work directly with purchase data or with passively-measured media exposure data, but the lion’s share of research involved asking people direct questions about their behavior and attitudes. The best research practitioners refined their questions through experimentation to improve accuracy and reduce potential biases.
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