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  1. Businesses know that to compete and grow today, understanding the voice of the customer (VoC) across channels is vital. It's become the norm –– and the technology to help them get there is already being implemented. However, customer feedback data isn't the only source of valuable information. When it comes to transforming customer experience, employee experience is another critical piece of the puzzle.

    Contact center employees are the face of the company. As the primary customer experience representatives and practitioners, they not only interact with customers on a daily basis, they often have a very good view of the business’ operational performance. So to transform the customer journey end-to-end, businesses need to realize the critical role voice of the employee (VoE) can play with VoC to positively impact loyalty and the company's bottom-line.
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  2. When we use the term Voice of the Customer (VoC), most people will automatically think of Net Promoter Score (NPS) or some form of customer satisfaction measurement tool.

    VoC actually refers to the way a brand captures customer feedback, and how they analyse and interpret these customer insights to improve the overall customer experience (CX).

    Not all brands are effective in using VoC. When capturing customer feedback, more often than not, a brand’s core objective is actually to learn how great the customer thinks they are! You will be familiar with the questions; would you recommend us? would you visit us again?

    These questions may help the brand boost their NPS score, but the responses are based only on customer intent. The power of VoC goes much deeper than this.
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  3. CES is used mainly to gauge the aggregate, digital experience of your customers with your product and how much effort it took to a visitor to achieve their goal. however you can also use mobile CES surveys to collect feedback at a number of other touchpoints along the customer journey with an app.
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  4. All ambiguity goes out the door with visual feedback! This type of feedback survey is used to improve page usability and web design. Letting your visitors submit screenshots of bugs or other design issues on your website gives you immediate and precise insight into the issue.
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  5. Customers always have suggestions on how you can improve your website. It’s just a matter of giving the opportunity to express those thoughts. With a suggestion box, you give them that chance, gaining insight into bugs, as well as how to improve content, services, your product and more.
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  6. Learn more about your mobile experience. These surveys help businesses capture general feedback from mobile users by way of easy star ratings.
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  7. Traditional smiley faces have been around for years now as a popular feedback metric. So why stop now? Try using these on your homepage forms to gauge user experience on your website.
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  8. Customer Effort Score is a popular metric that measures how much effort it took the customer to achieve his/her goal. This type of surveys is typically used mainly to gauge the aggregate, digital user experience experience of your customers with your product, enabling you to lower frustrations and provide a smooth online journey.
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  9. Find gaps in your UX that are preventing customers from reaching their goals. With a GCR slide-in survey, you will learn which of your visitors have completed, partly completed or failed to complete a specific goal on your website.
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  10. The ever-popular thumbs rating system is great for rating content performance. Especially for those looking for quick insights into the performance of product content, online support features and blog posts.
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