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  1. What are the Top 5 Mistakes that limit the success of a Voice of the Customer program? Find out in this article by CEO of PeopleMetrics, Sean McDade.
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  2. An MIT Sloan/Google report last year pointed out that our current key performance indicators (KPIs) for customer experience are no longer accurate for today’s digital environment.

    Most KPIs today focus on compliance, not commitment, the report said, so they are “key in name only, rather than being indicators that companies can use to truly improve performance."

    We asked some marketing professionals what they identify as the KPIs making a difference in their organizations.
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  3. Collecting and measuring team performance through KPIs is a great way to assess the effectiveness of sales processes. This is because KPIs are extremely informative when it comes to how well, or how poorly, sales teams are completing goals. It is important to select a few sales KPIs to focus on, as opposed to try to improve them all at once. Choose the ones that are more relevant to your company goals and measure them over time to get more visibility and control over your sales performance. Here is a list of 14 Sales KPIs that are commonly used by sales organizations:
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  4. Contact center Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) are used by SMB and enterprise companies to make better business decisions and improve the customer experience. Also called metrics, KPIs are the measurable values that show just how effective your business is at achieving its goals.
    In our last couple blogs, we touched upon the top agent KPIs and team KPIs that your contact center should be tracking. We also covered the real-time metrics that supervisors use on a daily basis to monitor the status and productivity of their agents.

    This time, we’ll check out some of the most used services metrics that show how your services are doing. A service is a specific reason for customers to initiate an interaction with a contact center, or, in the case of outbound dialing, for a contact center to initiate an interaction with a customer. In the contact center space, a service typically means the type of channel that connects the customer to the business: voice, email, chat, and so on.
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  5. If your company is looking to generate feedback through a customer satisfaction survey, you’re not alone. In fact, 84 percent of companies report that they actively seek regular input from their consumers, and 89 percent of companies compete directly with other businesses based on the customer experience alone. This data emphasizes the importance of an effective Voice of the Customer (VoC) program, but unfortunately, many organizations are not using VoC programs to their full potential. Far too many businesses collect the feedback then forget about it during the decision-making process, and all of that rich, relevant data about the consumer experience is wasted.
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  6. The digital age has brought with it a horde of data. And coming from various sources and in large quantities, the availability of this data has created many new and insightful opportunities for digital marketers. Modern digital marketers are using data in a myriad of ways, such as gauging success (with Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs), driving improvement (e.g. campaign effectiveness or website usability) and boosting lead generation. However, this heavy reliance on intelligent marketing data necessitates an analysis solution, which comes in the form of dashboarding software.
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  7. Your service desk customers typically have the last word about the services you provide, like it or not. There’s a bit of the old adage here – “the customer is always right.” While that thinking has a long legacy in the business world, there is a bit of movement to such philosophies like “the employee is always right” that reflects the sentiment that without properly empowered employees customers can’t be properly serves. Nevertheless, in the organisations where service desk customers typically have the last word, it is increasingly important that you track how they feel about their interactions with you. But how do you actually measure how well your service department resonates with the user base?

    This is no easy task, though. Quality customer experience is as important as it is difficult. Satisfaction among your customers depends on how you’ve helped to solve their issues rather than what you did to solve it. In other words, your customers don’t want to know what it’s the sausage, they just want the sausage.

    Quantitatively measuring that may otherwise be defined as qualitative can be a bit tricky, but there’s no reason to panic. There are ways forward.
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  8. Now you know more about the importance of using KPI’s such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) when collecting the Voice of the Customer, we will explain two other much used customer centric KPI’s. These are CES (Customer Effort Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score). Which KPI measures what and what will it deliver? In this blog you will find out.
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