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  1. Mopinion has added a new feature to couple metadata, such as user info, app version (and more) with user feedback within your Mobile SDK! This new feature equips Mopinion users with deeper insights into how certain app users or customers (based on demographics, interests, location, etc.) experience their mobile app. With these insights, users can personalise and optimise the online customer journey for their customers, while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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  2. In this blog, Corinium Intelligence discusses how to understand your Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback and why this is important. What are your customers actually telling you and how do you analyze this information to get to meaningful insights? Then, how do you use VOC data to drive change in your organization?
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  3. While the customer relationship management (CRM) system has had a monumental impact on sales and driven home the concept of a universal system of record across the enterprise, it is not really a system for knowing or managing the health of any given customer. CRM revolves around sales, plain and simple.
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  4. Companies work hard to listen to the voice of the customer (VoC) and innovate based on what they hear, but passive listening isn’t enough. I’ve found that you must always be on the lookout for new ways customers can connect with you and seamlessly share information to help you deliver products that better meet their needs.

    The B2B technology company for which I work is doing some pretty amazing things in this area with many longstanding, and recently established, customer outreach programs. These programs serve as templates for active listening that are uniquely and directly connecting customers with our CX team, customer service and support — and more specifically with product development and product management.

    Feedback channels are ongoing resources for us and help ensure that we approach VoC and product innovation from the customer’s perspective, developing new products and features that align with their current and future needs.
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  5. "While researching statistics for a presentation earlier in the year, I stumbled upon a recording of an old (2015) webcast done by a longtime customer experience guru, Bruce Temkin. The title of the webcast, “5 Trends That Will Reshape CX Insights,” intrigued me, and I listened expecting to hear some pretty outdated trends. Three and a half years is a lifetime in the digital world, after all.

    To my surprise and delight, the trends discussed in the recording, while old(er), are by no means irrelevant. Better yet, they tie directly to the results of a recently released HBR Pulse Survey examining analytics and customer experience. Both highlight the strong connection between analytics and experience. The webcast was predicated on this concept, with all five trends explaining the do’s and don’ts of customer insights for shaping experiences. The survey revealed how little things have changed since 2015, showing that analytics still plays a critical role in experience management. Highlights of the survey include the fact that 60 percent of respondents said they believe real-time analytics drives customer experience while 58 percent credit significant improvements in customer loyalty and retention to analytics."
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  6. Voice of customer (VOC) programs are becoming increasingly popular with marketers, but there are some general do’s and don’ts to follow if they're going to succeed.

    CMO reached out to three industry commentators to reveal what’s hot and what’s not on their voice of customer approach and what it takes to successfully create and implement a program.

    But first, let’s be clear on what a voice of customer program is comprised of. According to InMoment customer experience expert, Andrew Park, a comprehensive voice of customer programs is comprised of four distinct components: Listening (collecting data), understanding (analysing data for insights), sharing (distributing the insites across the enterprise), and taking action.
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  7. Customer journey insights are vastly under-utilized. Companies that are reaping full value are using customer experience insights to align their whole business to customers’ expectations. Thoughtful planning can spell the difference between limited value and transformational value from customer journey mapping. Hootsuite’s Vice President of Customers, Kirsty Traill, recently presented1 how her team’s holistic approach is reaping transformational value, starting with increasing Marketing impact.
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  8. One of the biggest challenge businesses face in providing better customer service is truly understanding their customers. Figuring out why customers are reaching out and what drives their decisions, behavior, and opinions of your brand are crucial to long-term success. To create a positive customer experience, not just before and during the sale, but after the sale as well, you need to listen to your customer during every conversation.

    Speech Analytics lets you harness the power of voice of the customer insights by enabling you to automate the monitoring, categorization, tagging and scoring of all interactions with customers – whether they happen on the phone, email, chat or social. Doing so can give you a deeper understanding of why customers reach out, what frustrations they are experiencing and what they need from you.

    These articles outlines how speech analytics provides voice of the customer insights to improve customer service.
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  9. We live in a customer-centric age. The abundance of information and choices has shifted the balance of power, placing customers in a position of advantage over companies. With social media, a negative review can influence thousands of people. For brands, delivering the best possible customer experience and listening to what customers actually want must be a matter of practice. This requires companies to connect with the voice of the customer.
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  10. On Tuesday, Skift Tech Forum drew about 400 attendees from dozens of travel industry segments and 20 different countries to Santa Clara, California, in Silicon Valley, to talk about what’s next in travel technology.

    Skift editors noticed a handful of ideas that percolated during the day’s talks, workshops, and networking breaks, including the growing digital divide, best practices in personalization, the promise of voice-powered search, and speculation about Amazon or another big tech player moving into travel.
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