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  1. DIY Surveys aren’t what they used to be. We are in an age where technology can extract insights, patterns and even sentiments from structured and unstructured conversations on multiple platforms; and feed them directly into campaigns. Leela Srinivasan, CMO of SurveyMonkey, brings us up-to-speed on ways that technology is elevating DIY surveys to a science, and what marketers need to do to drive optimal business outcomes from them.
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  2. Creating a positive and consistent customer experience across multiple channels is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today, and a solid Voice of the Customer program is core to meeting this challenge. Building such a program, however, is far from simple and failure to do it well will result in “just another customer survey”.

    For dedicated CEM professionals, a VoC program is simply the “right thing to do”. However, while some organizations just “get” it, for many, a lot of work is required to secure the financial and operational investment necessary to build a true VoC program. There is—quite reasonably—a call to demonstrate Return on Investment.
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  3. Have you ever purchased something, somewhere? If so, then surely you’ve felt this particular pain: Along with your bag of goods comes all kinds of marginally necessary offers and calls to action. And, if you take “almost no time at all” to complete the retailer’s robust questionnaire, you — yes you! — might be the proud recipient of some type of prize.

    A study by Interaction Metrics discovered that, despite good intentions of improving customer happiness and overall experience, retailers are largely wasting customers’ time — and their own — by conducting flawed satisfaction surveys.
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