How to use diary studies to better understand customer behaviours, attitudes and emotions

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  1. Diary studies can be a great way for CX practitioners to get a window into customer behaviours, attitudes and emotions. So what are they and how can organisations use them? There are several quantitative research tools available to help you understand what customers want and think of you. Most people know about and use focus groups, observations and shadowing, mystery shopping and one-to-one interviews. But a tool that is used less often are diary studies. People have been keeping diaries for centuries from Pliny to Samuel Pepys to Anne Frank. They help people record and make sense of their experiences, reflect their moods and feelings and put things into perspective. And they often prove a cathartic experience for the writers as an outlet to express their emotions to events. So, in this article I want to explore the concept of diaries in more detail and how they can help you to design better customer experiences.
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