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  1. We want to make sure you have all the skills and resources you need to set your feedback programme into motion, which is why we recently launched a free series of onboarding webinars.
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  2. Gamification is not a new concept for marketers. As a kid, I remember buying a certain product just to add to my superhero action figure collection! We may call that old-school gamification. Although times and avenues have changed, marketers have implemented the same technique in the online context to achieve an organization’s marketing goals. The goals could be to speed up product adoption (onboarding), boost customer loyalty, or bring in new leads.

    Gamification is an application of gaming mechanics in a non-gaming context. It offers users an engaging way to interact with your brand. Speaking from a scientific perspective, gamification works because of the reward-seeking behavior prevalent in the human brain. Our brain releases dopamine - a feel-good chemical whenever we experience pleasure. And as creatures of habits, we feel sheer pleasure when we indulge in a habit. And that’s when our brain releases dopamine, encouraging us to engage in that activity over and over. Gamification borrows from this concept by rewarding users for completing certain tasks.

    Let’s look at 5 practical ideas to introduce gamification to your marketing strategy.
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