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  1. For the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing some memories from my past running a call center and some of the ways in which I have observed customer service has changed. The first installment touched on how customer service was considered a necessary evil of doing business in the past. Last week, I explored how measuring the performance of customer service has evolved. The theme throughout each of these was that if your customer service was still mired in some of these past practices and conceptions, you’re doing it wrong.
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  2. Last week, I shared how early on in my career I managed a technical support and customer service center and service was considered a cost center and a necessary evil. How times have changed, and how far most companies have come in changing that perception!

    Continuing in that vein, this week I will share our different approach to measuring customer service at that time, and how there are better means of gauging various aspects of service today. (Note: I’m limiting this to live interactions because my time running a service center only saw the beginnings of self-service.)

    I’m going to organize this around points in the typical customer service process:
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  3. The tempo of activities which is usually very high in the numerous outlets of premier 4G LTE Broadband service providers, Smile Nigeria is bound to increase in the next few days.

    This is because the company will be introducing a Double Data Offer which is bound to be as unique as it will be rewarding.
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  4. Voice of the Customer (VoC) provides you the ability to understand and anticipate your customers’ needs, wants, perceptions and preferences so you can better meet their ever-growing expectations.

    In the age of the Customer Experience (CX), these insights are paramount to designing an online and offline experience that is superior to what your competitors are offering.
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  5. Dietz & Seidel recently published their 'CMOs at the Wheel e-book based on interviews from their 'Driving the Modern Marketing Organization' column.

    Nadine Dietz and Erica Seidel not only have their fingers on the pulse of the modern marketing organization, they have an in-depth understanding of how CMOs are inspiring company cultures across the board.
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  6. The holiday season is in full swing. And while most ecommerce businesses have been preparing for this for months already, we can’t help but notice that many of these same businesses are missing one important element in their strategies. Sure, they’ve optimised their mobile apps, set up various discounts and promotions to reel customers in, and updated their merchandising strategies…But what about the customers? How are they experiencing the holiday rush? Are there certain funnels in which they’re struggling?
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  7. Data management platforms, or DMPs (which is ‘agnostic’ and plugs and plays with any system) allow marketers to personalise at scale, with the flexibility they need: they can orchestrate messages in real-time across any platform, from a cutting edge smartwatch to an ancient CRM system.
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