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  1. Strategic customer experience results require a strategic approach in the way we collect data and in the way we take action on it. Of all the strategies within a company, what has the potential to be more far-reaching and impactful than how we understand our funders (customers) and how we cater to their propensity to continue funding us? What may come to mind is an acquisition or merger or reorganization or new product. But even so, these same funders are in-play in each of these scenarios. There’s really no way to separate customers, as our ultimate funders, from any other business strategy.
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  2. A Hot and Cold Customer Experience.
    On the way to a concert Sunday evening, my wife and I stopped to grab a quick meal at one of our regular tex-mex fast food restaurants. After patiently waiting in line, we got to the front and the server asked, “Can you wait a few minutes while I fill these on-line orders?”

    I was not impressed with them giving priority to online customers over those who took the time and effort to be in the store, so I tweeted my displeasure. By the time we were sitting in our seats at the concert an hour later I had received an apologetic response from the company’s social media team and a promise to follow up.
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  3. The ability of customers to influence smart and connected product conceptualization is growing. It will be critical that OEMs reorient their products, services, internal processes and workforce to deliver desired customer outcomes.
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  4. Picture this: in deciding whether to rebuy from your company, the customer’s general manager and purchasing agent are neutral, the end-users are supportive, the safety department gives their approval, but the facilities manager rejects it. Your company loses the sale. Because your team was focused on the end-users and general manager, everything looked like it was on-track for renewal, yet one influencer of the buying decision derailed your relationship and your anticipated revenue. After that happens, it’s difficult to get another chance. It’s best to be aware of all the drivers and factors, and manage them proactively.
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  5. Why you should be collecting customer feedback?

    If you would like to see your business grow and prosper, customer satisfaction is not only important but also necessary. Understanding how customers view your products, services and company is invaluable. It is only after you understand their point of view that you know your strengths and weaknesses.
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  6. Have you ever spoken to someone so inquisitive that they ask you more questions before you’ve even finished answering the first? Or even worse, as you answer their questions thoroughly, they don’t even give you so much as a head nod to let you know they’ve understood? It is a frustrating situation to feel as though you aren’t being heard, or that your voice has gone in one ear and out the other.
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  7. There’s a lot of talk that AI is the future, but the capabilities are already being widely used and it’s not really that scary, according to CEO of technology company Sherlok, Elisa Adams.

    “AI is the new solution to better understanding the voice of the customer and while it does takes expertise, it doesn’t have to be overly complex or hard,” she told CMO during a recent interview.
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  8. When a customer is dissatisfied with the overall experience of purchasing a product or receiving services from an organization, the business is highly likely to suffer a huge amount of loss in the future. It is crucial for service providers or manufacturers to find out the customer experience using various ways, such as feedback through surveys, interviews, observations, etc.

    VOC (Voice of the Customer) is an organized practice to figure out the customer needs and integrate it as an integral part of the system. The benefit of incorporating the VOC tool into the existing system is that every customer feels honored and special, which inevitably encourages them to do more business with you.

    There are several ways to gather the voice of the customer..
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  9. Voice of the Customer (VoC) programmes are intended to capture the opinions and preferences of all customers, analyse those insights, and use them to create meaningful changes in customer experience (CX). Having a VoC programme in place has become increasingly more popular and essential, especially as more and more businesses (nearly 72% to be precise) continue to place CX as their top priority. So how do you know which type of VoC software is right for your business?
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  10. The travel industry, one of the world’s largest industries, has changed drastically over the last few years as a result of digitisation. Digitally confident customers now seek more control of the booking process, making the demands for good (online) service even higher than before. So what does this mean for travel marketers? You guessed it, the Voice of the Customer must become a top priority.
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